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Excavation Information

Hello, Here is some additional information.

The undersigned understands and agrees to the following:

  1. The permitted work shall comply with all permit provisions and conditions listed in the Excavations and Openings Fact Sheet 
  2. The insurance requirements shall be met prior to approval either by submitting information (email:, hand deliver, or by mail); or by keeping current information on file with the Village office
  3. The applicant shall contact Village Public Works and Village Police 24 hours prior to the closure of any traffic lanes and provide an estimate of the duration of closure. Temporary traffic control shall be provided and maintained by the applicant. Contact information:  Public Works Phone #: (715)615-2962        Police Phone #: (715)352-2891
  4.  An invoice will be generated and emailed to you, along with a copy of the permit and a copy of the approved application. The invoice is due within 30 days, and will be subject to 1.5% interest after 30 days. Please be sure to forward the invoice to your accounts payable department for payment. Once the Excavation Permit Fee has been paid; it may not be refunded.

Permit Conditions:  Village of Edgar MUST be listed as an additional insured (see required limits in Ord 6-2-4) and the Certificate of Insurance must be submitted with the application. It can be sent by emailed to:, sent by US Mail to PO BOX 67, Edgar, WI 54426, or handed in at the office. If the project is over $5,000 in work; an indemnity bond or cash deposit is required (see limits in Ord 6-2-4).

Note: This document serves as a written guarantee that the restoration will be guaranteed for one year.

Permits shall be valid for a period of 30 days from the date of approval.

At the bottom of the form, you will be asked to type your name. This will be considered as an electronic signature and you are certifying that you, or your company, understand and agree to the conditions listed in the Village Ordinance and  the Excavations and Openings Fact Sheet. 

* - denotes required field