Streets & Parks Department

The Street Department is responsible for year-around maintenance of the approximately 12 miles of road surfaces within the Village. The primary goal of the Street Department is to provide the best street system possible to the community.  Summer maintenance includes repairing potholes, sweeping streets, inspecting sidewalks, grading gravel surfaces, and keeping debris out of the storm sewer system.  The Street Department is also responsible for maintenance of the village boulevards which includes planting and trimming trees.  Coordinating with Village officials, engineers and other Village utilities, the Street Department assists in the planning and constructing of streets.  


During the winter, Street Department personnel must monitor the weather for snow storms, and mobilize the crew for snow plowing and street sanding.  Snow is loaded and hauled between storms to ensure good visibility for vehicular and pedestrian travel.  


Other duties include, keeping the Village equipment well-maintained for most efficient operation, keeping up-to-date on current safety policies and procedures, and determining the street grade for garage floors on new home construction projects.


The Parks Department is responsible for year-around daily and long-term maintenance of the park system in the Village of Parks. In the summer, this maintenance includes, but is not limited to, keeping the grass mowed, keeping shelters and buildings maintained and leaned, monitoring and repairing playground and other park equipment. Winter duties for the Parks Department include clearing snow from sidewalks adjacent to Village-owned properties, as well as building and maintaining ice rink areas.