Edgar Area Trail Supporters (EATS)

EATS stands for Edgar Area Trail Supporters. The membership is quite varied and informal. There is no list of enrolled members, no membership dues, and the “membership” consists of a core group of fewer than ten people who meet the first Wednesday of each month in the Edgar Village Hall at 6:30 P.M. to plan routine trail maintenance and special events.

The larger group of trail supporters consists of many people who contribute in various ways throughout the year. A list of some of their contributions would be: those who meet to put wood chips on the trails, those who bake bars and cookies for the snowshoe racers, those who build and maintain the bluebird houses near the trails, those who mow the grassy areas of the trail in summer and who prepare the snow for ski skating and in-line skiing in winter, those who sell tickets for the raffle to raise money for trail maintenance expenses, those who donated materials and who worked to make duckwalks and bridges for wet parts of the trails, those who have donated money in honor of someone who passed away so that the trails and woods remain accessible and enjoyable for Edgar residents, those who “break trail” for snowshoeing, those who lay out the course and those who work as starters, trail guides, registration personnel and awards presenters for the Woodland Waddle snowshoe race, those who grill and serve the food for the racers, those who collect, make, or donate prizes for the Waddle, those who take pictures for the trail website and the list goes on. EATS members even include the teacher and computer programming students at Skyline High School in Longmont, Colorado who work to construct and maintain this website as a class project. They are honorary members of EATS.