Building Permit - Application for Accessory Use or Structures

To build, construct, use or place any type of an accessory structure or building, including prefabricated accessory buildings without first obtaining a permit is against Village Ordinance.

I understand that a complete set of building plans are attached accurately showing the location on the entire lot of the proposed accessory structure, showing all dimensions with distances to alleys, streets, property lines, and other structures. Only rear yard placement is permissible; and shall not be located forward of the front line of the principal structure. Must be five (5) feet from other accessory buildings. A drawing must be submitted to the following email, if no plans are available, to:


  • Height Restrictions: Must be measured from the site lot grade to the peak of the roof; single story building shall be 15 feet or less and a double story shall be less that 25 feet in height.
  • The construction materials to be utilized with the outside walls and roofing and the finish and color of the materials; the building must be architecturally consistent with the principal building; see Ordinance for details. 
  • A Hoop Structure may be erected and used no more than 180 days per year without being removed; unless for greenhouse use. 
  • A permit application does not preclude the applicant(s) from meeting applicable State and Federal Rules. 

In residential districts, in addition to the principal building, one (1) detached or attached garage, one (1) additional accessory building (such as a garden shed) and two (2) children's play structures may be placed on a lot. Carports are considered an attached garage.

  • Residentially zoned parcels with a single garage attached to the dwelling are permitted to have an additional one (1) or two (2) car detached garage on the parcel.
  • Residentially zoned parcels with more than one (1) stall garage attached to the dwelling are permitted to have an additional one (1) stall detached garage on the parcel.
  • Garages attached to the dwellings shall be three (3) stalls or less, provided the square footage requirements of Subsection (d)(4) are met. Dwellings with an attached three (3) stall garage are not permitted to have an additional detached garage on the parcel.

Size Restrictions: In the aggregate, detached accessory buildings and structures, including detached garages, shall not occupy more than forty percent (40%) of any required rear yard area, or be larger than 1,200 square feet, whichever is more restrictive, on residential lots of 15,000 square feet or less. on lots of 15,000 square feet or larger, detached accessory buildings and structures shall not exceed thirty percent (30%) of any rear yard area of 1,500 square feet, whichever is more restrictive.

Decks: When attached to or closer than eight (8) feet to the principal structure, it shall be considered a part of the principal structure and shall comply with setback requirements for principal structures. Free standing decks shall be eight (8) feet from the principal structure.

Patios: at or below lot grade, shall comply with the setback requirements for accessory structures in zoning district.

Gazebos/Pergolas: when connected with a deck, which is attached to the principal structure, it shall comply with the setback requirements of the principal structure. Free standing items shall comply with the setback requirements for accessory buildings and shall not exceed 240 square feet.

Note:  Please print the pdf files for Accessory Uses or Structure Ordinance and Complete Your Drawing Prior to clicking the submit button. As these items will help you complete this form. Be sure to send the drawing to:  This is necessary to review for approval of your permit.

By pressing the submit button on the quick form or handing in a written application, you are certifying that you are the owner of record of the named property, or that you have been authorized by the owner to make this application as their agent. You are also agreeing to conform to all applicable laws of this Jurisdiction. In addition, if the permit is issued, you are also certifying that the building inspector or his representative shall have the authority to enter all areas covered by such permit at any reasonable hour for the purpose of inspecting said work.  

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