Sign Permit


The purpose of this sign permit is to establish minimum standards to safeguard life and property and promote public welfare and community aesthetics by regulating the appearance, construction, location, and maintenance of all Signs.

Along with the permit application, the following items must be included for the application to be considered complete and be reviewed:

  1. A sketch illustrating the size and shape of the proposed sign;
  2. A site plan drawing showing the position of the sign with respect to the road, buildings, and lot lines; and
  3. A fee of $10.00 payable to the Village of Edgar (by U.S.P.S., online payment, dropped in an envelope at Nicolet Bank for us, or by hand delivering to the office).

This permit would expire one year from the date of issuance, if the sign is not constructed. Installation of the sign(s) must be completed within 60 days of the commencement of construction. Prior to installation, Digger's Hotline must mark the site.

When typing your name at the end of the application, it will be considered an electronic signature. 

Upon clicking the submit button, you will be certifying that you are the applicant (or an agent for the owner) and that the above application is a true and correct statement of the work to be done; any change orders shall be submitted for approval prior to installation and that the sign shall conform to all Village of Edgar Ordinances and State Codes, where such may apply.

Thank you.

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