The purpose of a Conditional Use is to provide a reasonable degree of discretion in determining the suitability of certain uses of special nature.

Please include the following information, if necessary, to the Village's office:

Site Development Plan
Dimension Plan
Grading Plan
Landscape Plan
Contours; Soil Types
Location of Buildings; Parking Areas
Building and Utility Plans
Filling/Grading Plan

Plan Commission shall meet after 10 days from the date of submission (when all paperwork is received). Plan Commission shall make an advisory recommendation regarding the application to the Village Board. The Village Board and/or Plan Commission can apply conditional uses when application for rezoning come before their bodies.

The application fee does not guarantee that approval will be granted.

At no time shall the proposed conditional use utilize more than 35% of the gross floor area of the conforming use.

Should there be any Conditions of the Approval, they will be attached to the permit and a signature will be required.

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