Tree City USA

Edgar first applied for the Tree City USA designation in 1995 With the support and encouragement of our Forestry and Conservation representative from the Department of Natural Resources. 


Edgar must meet four standards to continue to be a Tree City USA.

1. There must be a forestry department. Doug Brehm is the Village Forester.
2. Edgar must have a local tree ordinance. Village Code of Ordinance, Sec. 6-4 fills this requirement.

3. The Village must spend a minimum of $2.00 per capita on forestry programs.

4. The Village must promote Arbor Day. In cooperation with Edgar Elementary School, an annual Arbor Day/Earth Day program has been incorporated into their curriculum which also includes: Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle as methods of being good stewards of the earth.


For more information about the Tree City USA program, visit the National Arbor Day Foundation at