Property Line Location, Surveys, and Right-of-Ways

Due to liability and other legal issues, the Village of Edgar does not assist home owners in locating property irons, surveying private property, or locating property lines between private properties. A property corner or iron can only be determined or verified by a survey. The Village recommends property owners consider retaining the services of a private land surveyor if property corners or property lines must be accurately determined. Also, legal advice regarding property ownership and land disputes should be referred to your attorney.  Typically, certified surveys completed by a private land surveyor are filed with the Marathon County Register of Deeds Office. Property owners can contact that office to determine if a certified survey may have been completed and filed in the past.

The right-of-way of most Village streets is 40-60 feet. Property owners are often surprised to learn the right-of-way actually extends several feet into what they perceive is their yard, particularly in areas where there is no public sidewalk. In addition, please remember that the inside of a sidewalk is not always on the right-of-way.  As a general rule for most residential areas in the Village the setback requirements for any structure is 25 feet from the front or back property line and right-of-way and 10 feet from the sides.  Please see the Village of Edgar Book of Ordinances section of the website for more detailed information.  In addition, the Village Office can verify the setbacks for your property when you apply for a building permit.  Knowing the correct location of the right-of-way and a property line is very important in determining legal locations and setbacks for landscaping, building projects, installing a new driveway, or erecting a fence.

If residents need to know where their property line is located they should hire a Registered Land Surveyor and have a survey completed.