Water Department

The Water Department's responsibility is to provide clean, safe water to each address served by the Utility.  To achieve this goal, the Utility owns and operates five deep-drilled wells at depths from 205 to 400 feet.  The water is treated at the wells with three additives.  Chlorine is added to protect from biological contamination.  Sodium hydroxide is added to bring the pH close to neutral to reduce corrosion. Fluoride is added to protect teeth.  A detailed Consumer Confidence Report is available from the Village Office. The system has the capacity to pump over 400,000 gallons per day, with the water tower storing another 200,000 gallons.  Average daily water usage to the over 600 customers throughout the Village is between 105,000 and 110,000 gallons. Usage from individual meters is calculated and billed on a quarterly basis.